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Hello Reader,

It's been a while both here and maybe on other online spaces. I had a few rough patches along my chemo treatments. Some very ghastly episodes that involved a hospital stay and so many side effects that I questioned if chemo was even worth it.

In the meantime I lost all desire to draw and felt like someone forgot me in an infinite tumble dry cycle. I could not find the right way up but somehow this week feels better and I'm using the smallest windows of feeling myself to do things I like. One of them is writing.

Inter alia on Substack

A few months ago I teased on Patreon a new project on Substack but as everything this year it didn't happen. Finally, this week writing poured out of me and I decided to publish it there.

I don't feel comfortable migrating The Studio Chronicles over to Substack because you didn't sign up for that. Inter alia means "among other matters" and it's a space where I want to feel free to write about, well, other matters that interest me or ideas that bounce in my head. Each issue will be accompanied by drawings and paintings but it will be different to The Studio Chronicles.

Inter alia will be more like a diary.

So my invitation is open, you can join me there where conversation is easier, sharing and finding good things to read is also easier. I'm hoping it will slowly replace IG (which I haven't looked at in a while.)

If you have a Substack do comment on my current post so I can find you and subscribe too!

What will happen with The Studio Chronicles?

This will remain a monthly letter about the creative practice, my reflections on work I'm doing, materials, techniques and everything I've shared up until now. I will also announce new work, new classes and publications.

(In fact) New class!

In this class you will finally bring out your art materials, your brushes, writing implements, paper and bottle of india ink that you have stored for months (years!) and finally use it. As my demos and classes before this, the key is freedom. Not rules, not expertise but a door for you to explore and incorporate what you like into your work.

New drawings in the Shop

Small scale diptychs and single drawings are available as well as some affordable digital prints which I print and package from my home.

The available works are watercolour. In the next batch I will put some oil pastels for sale including the series Gartenata and some of the imaginary drawings I made for Oil Pastel Freedom


I hope you are doing well!

Thank you for reading.

The Studio Chronicles by Luisa

Drawing Artist working with watercolour, gouache and oil pastel I write about creative process, love of drawing and share lots of inspiring findings. Subscribe to get the monthly letter. Visit my website to see my work:

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