The Studio Chronicles by Luisa

Two years of tiny gatherings

published6 months ago
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Hello Reader,

You know, I started a Patreon page in 2020, around August. I’d been hesitant and stopped myself several times thinking about my limitations: my lack of confidence, my voice, my lack of filming skills.

One day, as it happens with me, I signed up, announced it to the world and filmed a video. I thought, well it most definitely won’t be a goldmine but maybe I will manage to gather a small community of artists with who I can share my approach.

My approach being: experimentation, learning, trying out things, getting excited, mixing and matching techniques, discovering… a studio practice if you will

A Studio Practice? What is that?

It’s the laboratory where we make work. It’s the place we go to regularly and we let ourselves explore. It’s not a fancy made-over studio with all-the-art-supplies in neat containers and a perfect shot of a loft window with sunlight pouring over our lovely coiffure.

It’s the table with all sorts of marks, ink stains, oil pastel smears. It’s the rag that needs some washing (or maybe even replacing), it’s the piles of work we need to sort through and reflect on. It’s the excitement of looking at the studio wall and picking things you made to plagarize yourself and build that body of work.

It’s the closed space where “other artists” or social media DON’T have a say on what we should make.

like most of us, I share a tiny bit of what my studio practice actually is on Instagram, I thought I wanted to be free to share and so Patreon seemed the perfect way.

I started by having different tiers and after a while I decided to keep it at one. Everyone has access to everything: sketchbook tours, updates, demos, tutorials etc.

Patreon supports my studio practice and I'm so grateful for it!

Coming and going

One thing that I’ve observed form creators with a Patreon page is that most of the efforts are made to keep patrons for the long haul which would be ideal, but I know that most of us can only give a certain amount of money, so I have the philosophy of dipping in and out. You can come and stay as long as you want. Leave and come back a few months later just to see what’s new.

No commitments.

As I also support other Patreon artists.

I like to rotate my support and at the beginning I used to feel guilty when I cancelled a pledge. I almost felt their disappointment but now I know that it’s OK. So I as I extend an invitation to you, I want you to feel OK if you want to be around for just a bit.

Inside you will find:

  • Sketchbook tours
  • Studio updates
  • What’s on my table
  • Five ways I draw figures
  • A series of watercolour videos
  • A series of oil pastel videos
  • Studio wall tours
  • Creative Thinking Exercises
  • Exploration of new materials
  • Drawing tutorials (the earliest videos)

All of these will give you starting points so you go on to explore your own practice.

In September I want to bring back my co-creation sessions which are sessions where we work on our projects and chat about them.

I would love to have you!

Or, in the meantime you can subscribe to my sporadic YouTube channel.